1SURF: changing to be at the forefront

From 15 October 2020, the reorganisation of the internal SURF organisation will be completed, marking the start of the renewed SURF: 1SURF. Together with our members, we will continue to work on the digital transformation of Dutch education and research and on maintaining our position in the world top.

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Through these pages we will keep you informed of developments regarding the changes in our organisation.

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Receptie SURF Utrecht

Achieving our shared ambitions

There is a sense of urgency on all sides to make meters with digitisation. From the unity that the SURF organisation now has, it is possible to realise this ambition. We can better achieve our goals and further expand our existing strength.

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SURF medewerkers aan het werk

Significant changes

SURF is steering a new course. In consultation with our members, we are strongly focusing on ground-breaking innovation with an impact on education and research. In addition, we will continue to provide and develop high-quality services.

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Vergaderlocatie bij SURF

The collaboration with our members

The collaboration with our members is intensifying. For example, we have jointly drawn up the priorities for the SURF 2-Year Plan for 2021-2022.

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SURF raad van bestuur


At the board level, the changes in our governance are now in motion. There is a new Supervisory Board and, as of September, a full new Executive Board. The division of portfolios within the Executive Board has also been laid down.

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Dienstverlening bij SURF

Effective services

SURF provides services and expertise on which its members build their own digital services and processes and on which students, researchers, instructors, and staff (in)directly depend. For each area, we look at how to implement theses services as effectively as possible.

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Innovation with impact

In the renewed 1SURF organisation, we opt for a separate positioning of technological (process) innovation for research and education. Our goal is clear: with pioneering activities we ensure the visible and high impact innovation the SURF members ask for.

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