Significant changes

SURF is steering a new course. This requires adaptations to the way in which our members influence SURF's decision-making and the way in which we work together. It also calls for changes to be made to the SURF organisation, which will be implemented in 2020.

By working more intensively with our members, we can respond better and faster to technological developments and innovations. Innovation, knowledge sharing and providing services are conducted efficiently and effectively. The correlation of these activities is logical and creates synergy.

There is a balance between steering on the part of the members and SURF's autonomy. A clear and recognisable SURF portfolio enables the target group to find what it needs quickly and easily. Focus on customer satisfaction with respect to the services remains consistently high.

All this also requires adaptations in the organisation itself. We will take the following steps in 2020 to achieve this.

  • In order to achieve even more than in the past five years, the operating companies SURFnet, SURFmarket, and SURFsara are merging into a single organisation: SURF B.V. - a single operating company as part of the SURF Cooperative in which the members are represented.
  • Ultimately, there is one organisation with one tariff structure, one corporate governance and a clear goal.
  • New supervisory board in early 2020.
  • New board of directors mid-2020.
  • New organisation as of 15 October 2020.
  • Legal merger of the three operating companies (SURF B.V. under the umbrella of the cooperative) as of 31 December 2020.
SURF organisatie 1SURF

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Strategic plan

The SURF 2-Year Plan for 2021–2022 is currently being drawn up in consultation with our members and will give substance to the Strategic Agenda 2019-2022. The Strategic Agenda is the framework for the ambitions, strategy and objectives of 1SURF.

The implementation of the internal reorganisation and legal merger will be further advanced in 2020; it started on 15 October 2020 and be formally ratified on 1 January 2021.