The collaboration with our members

The collaboration with our members is intensifying. For example, we have jointly drawn up the priorities for the SURF 2-Year Plan for 2021-2022 (2YP). In 2021, together with the members, we will begin to prepare the Strategic Agenda 2023-2026, a document which will reflect the new SURF to a greater extent than the 2-Year Plan.

The SURF 2-Year Plan 2021-2022 was created in collaboration with our members. In the spring of 2020, all of SURF's departments (sectors) therefore set their own priorities and made decisions in this regard. These priorities have been set and shared with us by the sector associations (the Netherlands Association of Vocational Education and Training, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands Association of Universities ('VSNU'), the Netherlands Federation of University Teaching Hospitals ('NFU') and the collective of the other institutions). They were then discussed with the CSC- chairperson and the Scientific Technical Council.

On the basis of the priorities set by its members, the board of directors has made choices regarding SURF's activities for the 2YP. The choices were made taking the priorities of the members into account.

Strategic Agenda for 2023-2026

The new Strategic Agenda will embody the new SURF even more than the SURF 2-Year Plan for 2021-2022. We will therefore begin to prepare the strategic agenda sooner than usual in 2021.

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