5x impact in 2020

The efforts of SURF and our members in 2020 led to a large number of results and innovations. Sometimes very visible and concrete, sometimes more behind the scenes. All the results contributed to our common goal: top education and top research. Some of these results are reviewed here. This is by no means complete, as much more happened. This article gives a nice impression of our impact in 2020.
Vrouw met VR-bril

Innovation in 2020

By experimenting with innovative technologies, we discover new opportunities to accelerate research and improve education in the Netherlands. In 2020, there were also several innovations with an impact on education and research.

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covid19 in een digitale wereld

Support in times of corona

2020 was the year of corona. During the corona crisis, we did everything we could to provide our members and affiliated institutions with extra support in terms of IT services for education and research. We took extra measures and made new services and knowledge available.

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TIQR-code invoeren om toegang te krijgen

Security in 2020

In the area of security, important steps were taken in 2020 in terms of knowledge exchange and cooperation. The aim is to be able to act forcefully in the event of a cyber security incident.

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Studenten - fotograaf Robert Lagendijk

SURF services in 2020

Our services are always highly valued by our members. An article about our impact in 2020 would not be complete without a look at our services. We show you some highlights of 2020: from SURFnet8 and iRods to SURFconext API Security.

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De raad van bestuur van SURF

Renewed cooperation with our members

Digital transformation with education and research: that requires committed members and an efficient organisation. The year 2020 was marked by the new Board taking office, renewed cooperation with our members, an internal reorganisation and more efficient management of the cooperative.

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