The SURF organisation is rooted in collaboration with education and research institutions. Experts from various education institutions share their knowledge of ICT themes through Special Interest Groups facilitated by SURF.

SURF's collaborations at both national and international level help the Netherlands maintain its leading position in the area of ICT. 

Education and research institutions

SURF, the collaborative ICT organisation for Dutch education and research, is rooted in collaboration. We achieve our objectives through administrative collaboration with education and research institutions. Collaboration is also key to the success of our various operating companies. Read more about SURFnets partner organisations. 

SURF Special Interest Groups

SURF facilitates collaboration between ICT professionals, within networks and collaborative knowledge sharing projects in the area of ICT innovation. Experts from education institutions collaborate with colleagues from other institutions through SURF's Special Interest Groups (SIGs). They share and develop knowledge on current ICT themes in the education and research sector. 

Collaboration: national and international

SURF invests heavily in the expansion and maintenance of its network of education partner organisations within the Netherlands, Europe and the wider world. This allows SURF to help the Netherlands retain its leading position in the field of ICT. Read more about SURF's national collaboration. Working with international parties also allows SURF to contribute to a technological and organisational infrastructure for European research and education. Read more about SURF's international collaboration.

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