Joining SURF

At SURF, research universities, universities of applied science and research institutes work together on groundbreaking ICT innovations, with the aim of improving the quality of education and research. Benefit from the services provided by our operating companies by joining SURF, SURFnet, SURFmarket, SURFsara or SURFspot.

Connecting to SURF


In order for your organisation to become a member of SURF, it must satisfy both of the following conditions:

  1. the organisation's core activity is education and/or research, or it makes a substantial contribution to education and/or research;
  2. the organisation qualifies as a contracting entity within the meaning of the Public Procurement Act 2012 (or any laws and regulations that take its place in the future).

Members' Council departments

If your organisation becomes a member of SURF, it will be assigned to one of the departments that make up the Members' Council. Each of these departments has representatives on the Members' Council, which makes decisions on behalf of the members. Prior to Members' Council meetings, all members receive the meeting documents and draft resolutions. This allows for prior consultation with representatives within the departments. The members of a department themselves are responsible for setting up this prior consultation. 


Are you thinking about joining SURF? Please feel free to call us on +31-887873000 or send an email to the executive secretary (see contact details at the bottom of the page). 

Connecting to SURFnet

Do you want to join SURFnet's fast and reliable network? Read if you qualify for a connection to the SURFnet-network. SURFnet provides connections to (amongst others) research universities, universities of applied science, university medical centres, tertiary medical training hospitals, research institutes and libraries.

Registering with SURFmarket

To secure licences for software, cloud services or digital content at competitive rates, register your educational institution with SURFmarket.

Access to the services of SURFsara

Do you want access to Cartesius, Lisa Compute Cluster or another compute or data service of SURFsara? Read more about the institutions that can make use of these services.

Registering with SURFspot

If you would like to give your students and staff access to a wide range of software, hardware and cloud services at competitive prices? Then join SURFspot, the online store for education institutions.

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