COMIT serves as a platform for IT managers from universities of applied sciences, and is designed to facilitate further professionalisation and the exchange of experiences. SURF supports COMIT, of which it is also an active member. COMIT provides solicited and unsolicited advice and collaborates with other supervisory bodies.

Coordinative platform for information technology managers

COMIT is the coordinative platform for information technology managers: a consultative body for and by IT managers at universities of applied sciences. These managers are responsible for information services, communication technology and automation at their respective institutions, at both policy-making and executive level. COMIT offers its members a forum for further professionalisation and the exchange of experiences. The COMIT members meet up to 6 times a year.

COMIT objectives

COMIT has several objectives, including:

  • keeping its members informed about the latest developments in the fields of ICT and higher education.
  • building a network of fellow professionals from the field
  • providing solicited and unsolicited advice on COMIT's area of expertise to key associates 

SURF also supports this platform, and takes part in the regular consultations.

COMIT membership

COMIT's target group consists of managers charged with information services, communication technology and automation at universities of applied sciences. Any university of applied sciences may propose a staff member within this target group for membership. Universities of applied sciences with multiple information management staff at policy-making and executive level may apply for a second membership. Members may be proposed by the universities of applied sciences' executive boards. Each participating institution will be required to pay a fixed contribution per member.

Collaboration partners

Collaborations with other networks may yield added value if they help COMIT achieve its objectives more effectively. Key collaboration partners include:

  • KAAIWO: a network of academic staff centred around the theme of administrative automation within the institution.
  • ROC-i-Partners: the organisation for information managers at regional community colleges. 

COMIT's key external partners include:

  • The executive boards of universities of applied sciences
  • Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences
  • SURF, SURFmarket, SURFnet
  • Hardware, software, infoware and lifeware suppliers
  • International sister organisations
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