Digital Infrastructure Association (DINL)

DINL is committed to the strong, ongoing development of the Netherlands as the hub within the international digital infrastructure. With our digital economy the Netherlands is at the forefront of the sector and there is still much more potential to be realized. The digital online sector is growing into the third ‘mainport’ of the Netherlands.

Facilities for the digital economy

DINL represents the parties which provide the facilities necessary for the digital economy: data centres, hosting parties, internet service providers, AMS-IX and SURFnet. The organisation puts the Netherlands on the map as international digital hub, guides government, companies and citizens in the digital economy and highlights the opportunities which are there to strengthen the position of the third mainport.

DINL is neutral and non-discriminatory: an open digital market where all participants are treated equally, this is the philosophy behind everything we do.

Four programmes

DINL does this via four programmes:

  • Information provision: the Netherlands as digital hub
  • Investment in outstanding ICT education
  • Building on trust and transparency
  • Encouraging collaboration in and outside the sector

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