Participating institutions

SURF collaborates with close to 70 education and research institutions. The SURF operating companies also service organisations in other fields. SURF's funding and policies are based on the SURF Long-Term Plan. This plan is re-approved every four years by the connected organisations, featured in the overview.

Education and research institutions

The SURF holding serves as a joint platform where Dutch research universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions work together to develop groundbreaking ICT innovations. More than 100 institutions currently participate in co-operation SURF.  In addition to these institutions, the operating companies service a far larger number of organisations:

Funding, policy and projects

  • SURF receives structural contributions towards its activities from the various connected organisations These contributions are set annually upon publication of the Strategic Plan.
  •  Each new SURF Strategic Plan sets out the joint activities to be carried out over the next four years by SURF and its connected organisations. This unique approach has helped SURF achieve continued success in the area of ICT innovation for over 20 years.
  • These organisations are also represented and involved in the elaboration and implementation of SURF policies, through the various (administrative) bodies.

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