Communities/Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Experts and those interested in the content made available by education institutions are working together on current ICT issues in education and research. They share and develop know-how together with colleagues from other institutions within the SURF special interest groups (SIGs).

The SIGs form an extended network of professionals who are involved in the SURF innovation projects and in the dissemination of knowledge arising out of these.  

Knowledge communities relating to ICT innovation

The SURF special interest groups are knowledge communities supporting specific issues focusing on ICT innovation in education and research. An SIG consists of experts and people interested in the content. Read in relation to which issues SURF has set up an SIG. SIGs are one of the SURF platforms for promoting the exchange of know-how for and from within the innovation programmes.

How an SIG is organised 

Each SIG appoints one subject-matter expert as the chairperson of the SIG, who acts as the first point of contact. Every year, each SIG submits an annual plan containing objectives, activities and targeted results.

Taking part in an SIG

Are you interested in following or becoming a member of one or more of our SIGs? You can do so by registering at SURFspace. At SURFspace, you will find the contact details of all SIGs. Individual SIGs use LinkedIn groups for sharing information with one another.

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