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Connected institutions and partners of SURF can use the free SURF conference facilities in the centre of Utrecht. We have meeting rooms with a capacity of 8 up to 60 people. Coffee, tea and water are free. More extensive catering is available at special rates.

Conditions for free meeting facilities

Connected institutions and partners of SURF can use the SURF conference facilities in Utrecht for free. The subject of the meeting, however, must relate to SURF. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to hold meetings at SURF. This is why booking a room is possible no more than two months in advance. For the same reason, it is not possible to schedule regular meetings in advance. Because we do not charge a fee, we kindly ask our guests to tidy the room and gather things up after having used the room.

One of the meeting rooms at SURF in Utrecht that can be booked

Booking the meeting rooms

For more information and to book a meeting room, please contact our Facility Team (email: or telephone: +31-887873000). Please provide the following information about your meeting in an email: the date, start and end times, number of people and whether you would like lunch or after-meeting drinks to be provided.

Available rooms

Room number Capacity 
3.1 18 people
3.3 20 people
3.4 12 people
3.5 40 people
3.6 8 people
4.1 18 people
4.3 10 people
4.4 12 people
3.5 & 3.3 These 2 rooms can be connected. When set up in classroom seating style, the room is suitable for 60 people. When set up in auditorium seating style, it is suitable for more people.

* All rooms have a beamer and internet. Please bring your own notebook computer.

Rates food and drinks

Coffee, tea and water are available for free at our coffee machines. You can also order lunch, drinks and snacks when booking a room; the costs will be added to your invoice.

Opening hours

Opening hours of our meeting facilities are from 9:00 AM until 5:30 PM. If you would like to arrange to have drinks after the meeting, please note that the room must be vacated at 5:30 p.m.

Parking at SURF

  • We advise you to travel to SURF by public transport.
  • There are several car parks in the vicinity of SURF. Please see the directions to SURF for more information.
  •  SURF does not have its own car park, neither do we have parking cards for the car parks mentioned in the directions to SURF.
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