Organisation and management

The SURF cooperative consists of the SURF office and three operating companies: SURFnet, SURFmarket and SURFsara. The holding focuses on administrative coordination and on pursuing ICT innovations in higher education and research. Services are provided through SURF's operating companies.

SURF organisation

The SURF cooperative consists of the SURF office and three operating companies: SURFnet, SURFmarket and SURFsara. The SURF office works to facilitate the Members' Council, the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board, the Scientific Technical Council (WTR) and activities at cooperative level. The Scientific Technical Council provides the SURF cooperative with solicited and unsolicited advice on strategic, scientific and technical matters concerning the cooperative. Services are provided through the operating companies. 

Operating companies

Services are provided through SURF's operating companies. Each operating company has its own area of specialisation.


SURFnet facilitates transparent and effective collaboration between researchers, lecturers and students through the application of ICT. In order to optimise the potential of ICT, SURFnet promotes, develops and operates a reliable and connective ICT infrastructure. Read more about SURFnet. 


SURFmarket is the ICT marketplace for higher education and research, and facilitates the use of ICT. SURFmarket negotiates with software, cloud, content and hardware suppliers on behalf of all SURF member institutions. Read more about SURFmarket. 


SURFsara is the national super computer centre. It facilitates high-quality computing facilities in support of scientific research and education in the Netherlands. SURFsara also launches initiatives that encourage the transfer of technology to industry. Read more about SURFsara. 

Netherlands eScience Center

SURF and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO, an academic funding agency) founded the Netherlands eScience Center, the leading knowledge and expertise centre for eScience in the Netherlands. 


Vancis BV specialises in data-centre services, cloud services, managed services and technical application management. Vancis stores data in sustainable data centres around the Netherlands on behalf of higher education institutions and other organisations. Vancis' target markets also extend beyond research and higher education. SURF is Vancis' sole shareholder. Vancis is an independent market party, has its own Supervisory Board and sets its own strategy. SURF, its various operating companies and the participating organisations are not under any obligation to purchase services from Vancis. Vancis' services for higher education institutes and/or SURF are not assessed more favourably than those provided by other market parties.

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