Supervisory Board

This Supervisory Board supervises the operating companies and ensures that their activities are in line with the cooperative's objectives as laid down in its articles of association.

Tasks and composition

The Supervisory Board serves as a linking pin between the Members' Council and the Board, while also serving as a sounding board for the latter. The Members' Council appoints the members of the Supervisory Board, which must consist of at least three persons. Supervisory Board chairpersons are appointed for a maximum period of four years and a maximum of three terms.

Members Supervisory Board

  • prof. dr. H. Brinksma

    Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

  • drs. G.J.M. van den Maagdenberg

    Academisch Medisch Centrum Amsterdam

  • A.M. Mur

    Hogeschool Leiden

  • mr. H.G.M. van Oldeniel

    Saxion Hogeschool

  • dr. ir. A. Veenman