SURF cooperative

The SURF cooperative serves as a joint platform where Dutch research universities, universities of applied sciences, university medical centres, research institutions and senior secondary vocational education institutions work together to develop ICT innovations. This collaboration extends to various levels: administrative, policy and operational.


SURF U.A. Cooperative is a cooperative association with excluded liability. The SURF cooperative consists of the cooperative office (SURF office) and three operating companies: SURFmarket, SURFnet and SURFsara.

SURF colleagues are in a meeting in SURFs meeting center


The members become co-owners of SURF by signing a membership statement. Education and research institutions that have signed this statement are under obligation to purchase services provided as a part of SURF's core package (a process referred to as insourcing). This obligation only applies if the institution in question is in need of such services. The insourcing agreements exclusively apply to institutions that hold membership of the cooperative. 

Administrative organisation

The SURF cooperative (SURF) comprises the following statutory bodies:

The SURF Cooperative has a small support office (SURF office) charged with facilitating the Members' Council, the Supervisory Board, the Board, the Scientific Technical Council and activities at cooperative level.

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