Scientific Technical Council (WTR)

The Scientific Technical Council (WTR) is an independent advisory body established in 1986 to provide the SURF cooperative with solicited and unsolicited advice on strategic, scientific and technical matters concerning the foundation.

Advice and assessment

The Scientific Technical Council provides the Members' Council, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board with solicited and unsolicited advice during decision-making on strategic, scientific and technical aspects of the cooperative's areas of activity. It also assesses the quality of projects and activities initiated by the SURF operating companies. Finally, it coordinates reviews and evaluations of programmes, themes and strategic plans at the request of the Supervisory Board.

Independent and expert

The Scientific Technical Council is composed of recognised independent authorities who are all appointed in a personal capacity. Council members are appointed on the basis of their independent perspective, long-term vision and expertise in the foundation's areas of activity. The Council’s recommendations are normally prepared by a sub-committee appointed in consultation with the particular client. All recommendations are issued by the Council as a whole in order to ensure balanced results.

The Scientific Technical Council may also call in external international experts to assist in activities as needed.

Please contact:

Leo Plugge

Secretary to the Board & Secretary Scientific Technical Council

  • +31-887873622
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