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SURFmarket concludes agreements with national and international publishers of academic and other journals and databases which are relevant to education and research. These agreements give researchers, lecturers and students access to publications and content in magazines and databases.

Access to scientific and other content

Libraries want researchers, lecturers and students within their institutions to have easy access to scientific and other publications and specialised databases. Publishing in open access is a key element in this regard. SURFmarket negotiates with publishers and content owners so that agreements can be made regarding access to content and other aspects such as open access. We reach the keenest agreements to ensure the most favourable conditions. These agreements are laid down in so-called mediation agreements. SURFmarket additionally handles invoicing and other administrative tasks for its members.

Due to the of lack of competition in the market, no tendering procedures take place for these contracts relating to scientific content.

Negotiations on behalf of libraries

SURFmarket negotiates with the publishers on behalf of UKB, the consortium of the 13 Dutch university libraries and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library of the Netherlands) and SHB (the Samenwerkingsverband Hogeschool Bibliotheken, or University of Applied Sciences Libraries Partnership). The range is available to SHB and UKB members as well as to organisations which do not belong to one of these two consortia.

Needs and wishes

Through periodic contact with the libraries' consortia, SURFmarket aims to satisfy the requirements of research institutes, university libraries and other clients as effectively as possible. We provide a wide variety of content. Institutions can purchase licences for content from major international publishers such as Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons ltd., Sdu Uitgevers and Springer as well as specialist Dutch-language databases in the medical and legal fields, for example.

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