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SURFmarket purchases ICT on the best possible terms and makes it readily available to its members and their users. Our members' needs are the determining factor in what we do. We have a comprehensive range of products from around 135 suppliers and take legally required tendering procedures off your hands.

Comprehensive range

For members SURFmarket offers a broad portfolio of agreements with market parties arranging the use of and access to their products and services. We ensure that members and their users can easily obtain the ICT products and services via digital platforms and use them online.

  • Licences for use by institutions: Participating education institutions can use My SURFmarket to purchase licences for the use of software at the institution. Licences may be purchased for an entire campus, but also for a faculty, department, working group or individual.
  • Software and hardware for individual use: Students and staff at member institutions can also purchase hardware and software for individual use via the SURFspot webshop.

Tendering procedures

European legislation requires education institutions to issue a European tender for the purchase of ICT resources if the contract exceeds the statutory threshold value. Competitive tendering is also compulsory for amounts below the threshold value. SURFmarket takes over this purchasing process and thus ensures that education institutions can use ICT resources at the lowest rate possible.

Efficiency and lawfulness are key

Efficiency and lawfulness are key when purchasing ICT:

  • Efficiency, because SURFmarket uses economies of scale to ensure the best product range that meets our members' needs as fully as possible.
  • Lawfulness, because SURFmarket ensures compliance with laws and regulations. To do so, we carry out tendering procedures for software, hardware and other ICT services through the insourcing relationship with our members. Due to the of lack of competition in the market, no tendering procedures take place for contracts relating to scientific content.

Register with SURFmarket

In order to make use of SURFmarket's services, your institution will need to register first.

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