ICT procurement organization of SURF

SURFmarket is the ICT procurement organization of SURF. We purchase ICT and content on the best possible terms and then make it easily accessible via the My SURFmarket portal and SURFspot In addition, we support you in tender processes that we jointly carry out for institutions.

SURF vs SURFmarket

SURFmarket is one of the three operating companies in the SURF Cooperative. Within SURF, Dutch universities, universities of applied sciences, university medical centres, research institutes and senior secondary vocational education institutions collaborate on ICT innovation at administrative, policy-making and operational level.

SURFmarket is the procurement organisation of SURF. We purchase ICT on the best possible terms and make it readily available for our members and their users.


SURFmarket ensures that SURF members and their students, lecturers, researchers and staff can obtain easily accessible ICT products and services from market parties on the best possible terms and with guaranteed lawfulness. SURFmarket thus contributes to increasing the quality of education and research.


  • Digitisation: Digitisation is playing an increasingly important role in our members' education, research and business operations, and will more and more become an integrated part of these activities in the years ahead. The number of solutions offered by the market in this regard will grow exponentially, as will the demand for suitable agreements with market parties. SURFmarket can play a key role by acting as a counterweight to increasingly powerful market parties on the one hand, and serving as a springboard for start-ups and scale-ups on the other.
  • Complexity of ICT service provision: In addition to the growing range of ICT products and services, the complexity of ICT service provision continues to increase as well. This concerns privacy and security aspects and issues of efficiency and lawfulness. The result is an increasing demand for specific expertise, a need which SURFmarket can fulfil.
  • Complexity of cloud service provision: More and more parties are involved in value chains, causing the complexity of providing cloud services to increase. This calls for clearly defined roles, agreements between chain partners and solutions to sourcing issues among members (doing it themselves or outsourcing). SURFmarket can help in this respect by assuming a coordinating role on behalf of its members if desired, and continuously searching for opportunities to innovate in the value chain. The emergence of fully-fledged cloud service brokers that aggregate a range of market parties ensures that SURFmarket will also focus on securing contracts with these parties.
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