What can SURFmarket do for you?

SURFmarket is the procurement organisation of SURF. We purchase ICT and content on the best possible terms and then make it easily accessible via the My SURFmarket portal and SURFspot. We also support members in tendering processes.

For whom?

Within SURF, we collaborate with Dutch universities, universities of applied sciences, university medical centres, research institutes and senior secondary vocational education institutions to work on ICT innovation at administrative, policy-making and operational level.

25 years knowledge and experience

SURFmarket has over 25 years of experience bridging the gap between supply and demand:

  • We offer a wide range of ICT products on favourable terms which are closely aligned with member institutions' needs.
  • We guarantee lawfulness within the purchasing process and ensure that market parties deliver their services in accordance with laws and regulations and the relevant agreements.
  • The range is readily available online for all users.

Wide range

Participating education institutions can use My SURFmarket to purchase licences for the use of software and content at the institution. Licences may be purchased for an entire campus, but also for a faculty, department, working group or individual. Students and staff can use SURFspot to buy software and hardware at the lowest price. We currently have agreements with around 135 suppliers, including Adobe, Microsoft, SPSS and IBM.


European legislation requires education institutions to issue a European tender for the purchase of ICT resources if the contract exceeds the statutory threshold value. Competitive tendering is also compulsory for amounts below the threshold value. SURFmarket takes over this purchasing process and handles the tendering procedure.


SURFspot is the ICT webshop that offers special educational discounts on software and hardware for students and staff in the higher and senior secondary vocational education sectors and employees at UMCs, libraries and museums. These customers can use SURFspot to order products from suppliers such as Adobe, Norton, McAfee and Microsoft.

Latest modifications 18 Jan 2018

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