SURFnet creates innovative ICT solutions through collaboration, and by challenging market parties and other organisations to develop improved solutions and conform to open standards. SURFnet tests new applications, and achieves results through services, showcases and partnerships.

Working together to create innovative solutions

SURFnet realises innovative ICT solutions through collaboration with education and research institutes. This collaboration has proven worthwhile, as the solutions go beyond the interests and boundaries of any single organisation.

We adopt an approach whereby the target group and the suppliers are explicitly involved in developments, thereby ensuring that SURFnet is excellently positioned to contribute innovation projects within the framework of the ICT Roadmap for Top Sectors. In this way, an effective link is forged between the target group and the market and application is encouraged outside the target group as well. This is a cooperative venture which, in turn, leads to innovative consortiums which make it possible to participate optimally in Horizon 2020, which is the EU's large-scale innovation and research programme.

When developing solutions, we also request direct feedback from our users. Our user panel, for example, contributes ideas on new developments. Every two years we also run a customer satisfaction survey among SURFnet contact persons at connected institutions.

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Testing new applications

We encourage institutions and suppliers to constantly improve the solutions that they provide. We refuse to accept existing limitations and challenge parties to develop new systems, services, and business models and to conform to open standards. For institutions and suppliers, we function as a kind of “testing ground” where new applications can be tried out by a large group of users, resulting in new and effective services for the target group with a positive business case.

Achieving results

SURFnet selects the methods best suited to achieving the desired results, incorporating:

Basic services

Basic services form the link between users and the services/instruments provided by suppliers and institutions.

Impulse services 

Temporary ICT services and showcases open users' eyes to the possibilities. They give a boost to new forms of collaboration and ways of sharing instruments. If these services are successful, we will assess whether either we or the market can best achieve their continuity.


We collaborate, challenge and share knowledge with institutions, suppliers and the other SURF operating companies, in the knowledge that as a service provider we are a link in the chain from researcher to researcher and from lecturer to student.

SURFnet services

Our services are available to institutions connected to SURFnet:





Products and licenses

Service Level Specification

The purpose of the Service Level Specification (SLS) is to provide SURFnet member institutions a reference framework for the services it provides. SURFnet has set out its services as clearly and as measurably as possible in the SLS.

SURFnet logo

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