Connecting to SURFnet

SURFnet's quality services are available to institutions for scientific/academic research and higher education, as well as other institutions financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). Primary and secondary schools and cultural institutions can make use of the SURFnet network via service providers.

Network services for higher education institutions

SURFnet offers high-quality network services to academic research and higher education institutions. Students, lecturers, researchers and network administrators use our network on a daily basis. View the list of institutions connected to SURFnet.

Institutions connected to SURFnet

SURFnet only allows organisations from its target group to connect to its network:

  • Research universities
  • Academic and tertiary medical teaching hospitals (STZ)
  • Universities of applied sciences
  • Research institutes and comparable organisations
  • Company research departments
  • Libraries
  • MBO (senior secondary vocational education) institutions
  • Other institutions financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).

The communication and information services that we offer to the above institutions include full internet connectivity. These services are intended for the students and staff of connected institutions. Apply to join the network by completing the application form (docx).

SURFnet for schools and cultural institutions

All institutions financed by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science (OCW) are eligible to use the SURF network. These institutions are too numerous for the SURFnet organisation to serve directly, which is why the Educational Service Providers (ESP) model was developed for primary and secondary schools. For cultural institutions, a model for cultural service providers (CSP) has been developed.

Accessing the SURFnet network

Any internet service provider (ISP) or other institution or company may act as an ESP or CSP. These organisations are authorised to direct internet traffic from institutions within SURFnet's target group via the SURFnet network, under the same conditions. ESPs and CSPs do not gain access to our other services; they provide their own services to schools and cultural institutions. ESPs and CSPs may request access to the SURFnet network in the following ways:

GigaPort connections

Other organisations in the Netherlands may join the network as part of the GigaPort project. One condition, however, is that the connection may only be used for the testing and development of advanced network technologies and applications. If you would like to request GigaPort access, please complete the application form (docx).

Please contact:

Walter van Dijk

Head of Relationship Management

  • +31-887873000
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