Mission and vision

Boosting the quality of education and research requires an advanced, reliable and interconnected ICT infrastructure. SURFnet supports, innovates, develops and operates this infrastructure, which consists of both network and collaborative components.

SURFnet mission

SURFnet's mission is to boost the quality of education and research through the support, innovation, development and operation of an advanced, reliable and interconnected ICT infrastructure, enabling the potential of ICT to be harnessed to its full extent. In this way SURFnet is working to create a connected world in which simple and reliable tools are available to ensure universal connectivity and access.

SURFnet vision

Collaboration, research, learning, sharing knowledge, data and instruments all combine to determine the quality of Dutch education and research. Access to innovative ICT and internet services is a necessary precondition for advanced and innovative education and research.

Our role as innovator, developer and supplier of advanced, trusted and connecting ICT infrastructure is crucial in this regard, but it only acquires value through chain cooperation with the institutions, international partners and suppliers. In this context, the preconditions of trust, privacy and security play a major role.
Under the influence of financial, market and technology developments, there is a growing interest within our target group for external cloud suppliers. If commercial suppliers are unable to fulfil the preconditions, our target group will start looking for an alternative to achieve economies of both scope and scale, while trust, privacy and security continue to be guaranteed

Components of ICT infrastructure

SURFnet is dedicated to the realisation of an advanced, reliable and interconnected ICT infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of two complementary, mutually beneficial components that are becoming more and more intertwined:

  • Network infrastructure – a hybrid of fixed-line and wireless networks forming the basis for all collaboration, capable of transporting data efficiently and without restrictions; and
  • Collaboration infrastructure – a collaborative environment that eliminates boundaries and creates seamless connections between systems, services, instruments and people.

Core values

SURFnet maintains the following core values: connected, confident, passionate and groundbreaking. These characteristics contribute to the realisation of our mission and vision, and are reflected in the SURFnet approach.

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