User feedback

SURFnet requests direct feedback from its users in order to continually improve its services. Our user survey aims to measure customer satisfaction, and SURFnet also has a user panel which serves to provide feedback on our services and innovation projects. We use this feedback to help determine our future plans.

User survey

Every two years, SURFnet runs a survey among users at institutions connected to SURFnet. The survey covers aspects such as familiarity with the SURFnet name and brand, awareness and use of SURFnet services, and satisfaction with these services. With the results, SURFnet aims to further improve the range of services it provides to its connected institutions.

User panel

The SURFnet user panel provides feedback on SURFnet services and innovation projects. Members of the user panel contribute ideas towards the development of internet applications in education and research. The input gathered from the user panel is used to help determine the direction taken by SURFnet, as well as flesh out the details of services and innovation programmes.

Members and tasks of the user panel

The SURFnet user panel consists of students, lecturers, researchers and staff of connected institutions. An online questionnaire is sent to the user panel at least three (and a maximum of ten) times per year. Members are sometimes also asked to take part in in-depth interviews or focus groups.

Joining the SURFnet user panel

If you want to help contribute to services and innovations at SURFnet that will also ultimately benefit you and your organisation, complete the SURFnet user panel intake questionnaire (in Dutch) and become a member. Your personal details will only be used for research purposes, and we guarantee your privacy at all times. See also the SURFnet User Panel General Terms and Conditions (PDF, in Dutch).

Latest modifications 18 Dec 2015

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