Collaborating on the cutting edge of education, research and ICT is vital to SURFsara. We partner with research universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions, platforms and fellow organisations at home and abroad. Cooperation strengthens the innovative forces in the sector and ensures quick dissemination of good solutions.

Nationwide collaboration

SURFsara works together with research institutions, suppliers, platforms, and in research projects, in the Netherlands in a continuous effort to find ever-better solutions for high-quality research.

International collaboration

SURFsara participates in international collaboration projects. By collaborating with our European partners, we exchange knowledge on new ICT technologies and are able to develop services for research projects at a European level. The international collaboration also affords Dutch researchers the opportunity to benefit from international infrastructures. For example, through SURFsara's involvement in the PRACE project, they are allowed access to other European supercomputers.

Latest modifications 06 Jul 2015

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