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Together with our member institutions, we ensure that the education and research community has access to the best and latest ICT facilities for top-level research and talent development. And together we make plans and set priorities. Certain themes also require extra attention. Such as public values, open access and working under architecture.
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Services offered by SURF

At SURF, we develop ICT services for education and research. Members and non-members can make use of these services. Read how we can help you further improve your education and research with ICT.

Services offered by SURF

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Google Workspace in education

SURF and SIVON have asked the AP (Dutch Personal Data Authority) for advice on the privacy risks associated with the use of Google Workspace. 

Google DPIA

Beeldmerk publieke waarden compas

Public values

Educational and research institutions are working hard to provide a safe digital environment for students and staff. They are faced with a dilemma: how do they guarantee security, autonomy and inclusion, while their dependence on dominant commercial parties is growing?

Public values

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SURF works on developments that are important for future generations. We therefore want to contribute to sustainability in the education and research sector. In addition, sustainability is an integral part of our services. We have an ambitious policy on corporate social responsibility (CSR).


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Architecture and standards

With a joint information strategy, SURF helps institutions to collaborate on the organisation of the provision of information.

Architecture and standards (dutch)

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Open access

 SURF wants to improve education and research with ICT. In doing so, we wish to remove barriers to functional possibilities, accessibility, and collaboration. We are therefore working on digital openness: open access to research results, learning materials, standards, and programme code (open source).

Open access

Roadmap SURF 2Jarenplan

SURF 2 Year Plan 2021-2022

An ambitious plan, in which institutions work together on shared priorities and in which there is room for differences between the sectors.

SURF 2 Year Plan 2021-2022

SURF Magazine

Via SURF Magazine leest u meer over wat SURF doet, wat de impact van de SURF-coöperatie is, en over trends en ontwikkelingen van ICT in onderwijs en onderzoek.  Welke transformaties en ontwikkelingen zijn er in onderwijs en onderzoek in de komende jaren en welke rol speelt ICT daarbij? Wat is de impact van innovaties op onderwijs en onderzoek? En wat is de visie van SURF als ICT-samenwerkingspartner? Hierover en meer leest u in SURF Magazine. 

Naar SURF Magazine

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SURF Long-Term Agenda 2019-2022

Our Long-Term Agenda sets out our strategic ambitions, themes and targets for 4 years. Digitalisation and internationalisation are offering more opportunities, but at the same time they are making the technical, social and ethical issues more complex. Close collaboration between SURF and its members is the best strategy for dealing with this.

SURF Long-Term Agenda for 2019-2022

SURF Open Innovation Lab

Innovation is crucial for SURF and its members if they are to meet all the challenges facing research, education and society. The SURF Open Innovation Lab brings together all activities and experiments in the field of early innovation and open collaboration. We do this together with institutions and businesses.

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SURF Open Innovation Lab