SURF's activities

Together with our member institutions, we ensure that the education and research community has access to the best and latest IT facilities for top-level research and talent development. And together we make plans and set priorities. Certain themes also require extra attention. Such as public values, open access and working under architecture.
Onze focus 2022-2027

Our focus for 2022-2027

Much is changing in the social, technological and economic arenas. The Dutch education and research sector works together in SURF to address these challenges. As a cooperative, we stand strong together. Read how we are contributing to Dutch education and research today and tomorrow so that they can excel.

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Innovation zones

In the coming years, the SURF organisation will work with its members to improve the quality of education and research with the aid of IT innovation. We will do this in nine innovation zones. On this page you can read which ones they are and what the current state of affairs or ambition is.

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Leerling met VR bril

Towards more transparent SURF services

In 2020, we launched 1SURF. While all our services - for instance the SURF network, the supercomputer and all joint procurement and tendering processes - continued as usual, we set up a renewed organisation. As a result, we are now delivering a number of service harmonisation projects. What will SURF members see from this?

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Medewerkers van de TU Eindhoven in overleg

Services offered by SURF

At SURF, we develop IT services for education and research. Members and non-members can make use of these services. Read how we can help you further improve your education and research with IT.

Services offered by SURF

collega aan het werk op SURF-kantoor


Via SURF, the members make joint arrangements with ICT and content suppliers regarding the supply and purchase of products and services. In this way, the members jointly ensure scale and an efficient point of contact for suppliers. Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) are part of this.


Open gebouw met studenten

Public values

Educational and research institutions work hard to provide a safe digital environment for students and staff. They are faced with a dilemma: how do they guarantee security, autonomy and inclusion, while their dependence on dominant commercial parties is growing?

Public values

Twee handen met tablet met daarop een groene grafiek en laptop op achtergrond


SURF works on developments that are important for future generations. We therefore want to contribute to sustainability in the education and research sector. In addition, sustainability is an integral part of our services. We have an ambitious policy on corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Bovenaanzicht van studenten achter computer met mobiel

Architecture and standards

With a joint information strategy, SURF helps institutions to collaborate on the organisation of the provision of information.

Architecture and standards (dutch)

Een vrouw wijst iets aan op een computerscherm waar een man naar kijkt

Open access

SURF wants to improve education and research with IT. In doing so, we wish to remove barriers to functional possibilities, accessibility, and collaboration. We are therefore working on digital openness: open access to research results, learning materials, standards, and programme code (open source).

Open access

SURF Open Innovation Lab

SURF Open Innovation Lab

Innovation is crucial for SURF and its members if they are to meet all the challenges facing research, education and society. The SURF Open Innovation Lab brings together all activities and experiments in the field of early innovation and open collaboration. We do this together with institutions and businesses.

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SURF Magazine provides information about what SURF does, the impact of the SURF Cooperative, and trends and developments in IT in education and research. What transformations and developments will take place in education and research in the coming years, and what role will IT play in them? What is the impact of innovations on education and research? And what is SURF's vision as an IT cooperation partner?  

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