Working at SURF

Working at SURF means working in an innovative organisation with an excellent reputation; an organisation in the vanguard of international developments that plays an important role in society. If you wish to set ambitious goals, find freedom and flexibility in your work and continue to develop your personal strengths, then a job at SURF might be just the thing for you.

Internship at SURF

Would you like to join us for an internship? That is also possible. You can do an internship or do a research. If we provide you with good supervision and a pleasant working atmosphere, will you think of a interesting subject for your graduation thesis? Send us an e-mail to

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About SURF

SURF is the collaborative IT organisation for Dutch education and research.

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Natalie Danezi SURF medewerker

Employee story: Natalie Danezi

"Teamwork is core to our job. If you want to work alone in front of a computer screen all day, SURFsara is not the right place for you."

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Jasper Distelbrink SURF medewerker 2

Employee story: Jasper Distelbrink

"I am still fully committed to SURFnet. I know of no other organisation with this unique combination of factors."

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John Doove SURF medewerker 1

Employee story: John Doove

"I work in a complex environment that involves many competing interests: commercial, political, national and international."

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Alie Kuiper SURF medewerker 2

Employee story: Alie Kuiper

“I try to empathize as much as possible with the customer and his situation.”

Read Alie's story (in Dutch)

wladimir mufty surf medewerker

Employee story: Wladimir Mufty

"My colleagues are all very different people, but share the same passion and sense of humour. This makes my work a lot of fun."

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