Internship/thesis position within SURF Innovation Labs

Are you excited about new possibilities and innovation? Do you have a warm heart for research and a cooperative mind-set? And are you proactive and curious in talking to other researchers? Come do your internship or thesis project within SURF’s Innovation team on our digital labs project.

About SURF and the project digitalization Labs

SURF is the Dutch cooperative association that works together with education and research institutions to ensure world-class research and education using the possibilities of digital technologies. Within the innovation team we work together in projects that focus on the future of research and education.

Within the digital labs project we focus on the future of lab research. Academic and scientific research is getting more and more intertwined with the possibilities of digital technologies. Simulations and modelling are part and parcel of the scientific method for most fields. However, the world is also changing. COVID forced an accelerated transition towards remote working and the use of digital tools with research institutions.

In this project we are investigating the impact of digitization on the research done within labs. How will digital technology impact the work in natural- and life sciences labs but also within social and psychological research labs? For this we need to know how labs are currently used and what opportunities digital technology might bring. For this part of the project we have opened an internship/thesis position within SURF’s Innovation Labs team.

We ask

We are looking for a pro-active student who is naturally curious and can work comfortably in English as well (due to NL’s international research community). This project might be your academic research project or a pragmatic internship. We are flexible when it comes to requirements set by your study.

We offer

The assignment: You will conduct an investigation among researchers about the different uses and set-ups of labs within different domains. This will include the current use, what changed during COVID, but also what trends do researchers see happening within their domain. For this you will interview various researchers throughout the different research institutes in the Netherlands.

In addition to the research project it will be possible to collaborate and gain experience in related activities such as the organization of workshops, presenting your insights among relevant public, and working on the strategic consequences of your insights.


For the remainder of 2021 we are working in a hybrid manner, but do expect you to come to our office in Utrecht or Amsterdam every now and then (also depending on your preference).

If you are interested or want to know more, contact If you want to apply, please include an up-to-date version of your CV and a short motivation.