Portfolio manager NPOS

Within the National Programme Open Science (NPOS) parties work together on a national level to promote Open Science in the Netherlands. Do you have knowledge and experience with research and research policy and are you driven to put Open Science on the map? As central NPOS portfolio manager, you can contribute to this important goal.

Organisation and structure NPOS

Since the launch of the National Plan Open Science in 2017, the NPOS has generated a lot of collaboration and connection and a number of important steps have been taken in the elaboration and implementation of Open Science. Recently, the NPOS2030 Ambition Document (see link) was published, which sets out the principles and ambitions for outline activities for the next ten years.

The task of the NPOS Steering Committee is to direct the transition to Open Science on a national level, with a link to the international context. The Steering Committee consists of the directors of the largest research performing and funding organisations in the Netherlands, namely: 

  • Universities of the Netherlands (see link)
  • Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (see link)
  • Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (see link).
    The steering committee is chaired by an independent chairma

The National Coordinator of Open Science (NCOS) takes care of the national coordination as well as the connection to Europe and is accountable to the steering committee.

The NPOS Advisory Board has the task of giving solicited and unsolicited advice to the Steering Committee. Although the advice is not binding, deviations by the Steering Committee require explanation. The Advisory Board is seen as a sounding board of the Steering Committee. Members of the Advisory Board are:

  • SURF (chair)
  • Royal Library (KB)
  • Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
  • Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH)
  • NWO Institutes Organisation (NWO-i)
  • Cooperating Health Foundations (SGF)
  • Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Care Innovation (ZonMw)
  • PhD candidates Network Netherlands (PNN)
  • DANS
  • Netherlands eScience Center.

The NPOS programme is organised along three programme lines, each with a number of flanking lines:

  • Open Access, NPOS-programme leader: drs. Darco Jansen (Universiteiten van Nederland)
  • Fair Data,  NPOS- programme leader:: dr. Ruben Kok (DTL)
  • Citizen Science, NPOS- programme leader:: Margaret Gold, MBA (Citizen Science Lab, Universiteit Leiden).

The NPOS programme leaders are agenda members of the steering committee and the advisory board.

Management and organisation

The recruit will carry out his/her work in consultation with the NPOS Chair, the National Coordinator for Open Science (NCOS) and the Chair of the NPOS Advisory Board. This work will be carried out where necessary in close consultation with NPOS programme leaders and with the organisations involved in NPOS. This primarily concerns the organisations represented on the NPOS Steering Committee, but also the organisations represented on the NPOS Advisory Board. SURF will act as the coordinator of NPOS.

The NPOS chairman will act as the manager of the employee to be appointed.

The employee will report to the Steering Committee and will coordinate specific activities with the chairman. The appointment will be made at SURF, or via secondment from one of the partners.

NPOS aims for a balanced composition of employees in terms of expertise, gender, origin, and experience.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • The main activities concern the portfolio management of the many activities within NPOS. This includes monitoring the progress of the activities in the NPOS programme lines, initiating and proactively setting out actions within the framework of the NPOS2030 multi-year programme, monitoring the progress, coordination and coherence of all activities and coordinating with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. More in detail the tasks of the central portfolio manager are the following:
  • Supporting and giving strategic advice to the Steering Committee, Advisory Board and NCOS Analysing national and international developments in the field of Open Science and mapping their impact on NPOS on a strategic-tactical level.
  • Proactively setting out lines/actions to realise ambitions as stated in the NPOS2030 Ambition Document and monitoring progress of these lines/actions and the strategic programme lines in consultation with the programme leaders. In consultation with the programme leaders and in coordination with the chairman, make any necessary adjustments.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the objectives and activities, monitoring the quality and achieving the objectives set.
  • Is responsible for the effective and efficient realisation of the long-term goals of the NPOS (see NPOS2030 ambition document and the NPOS2030 Multi-Year Programme, to be drawn up in the spring of 2022).
  • Developing proposals for new innovative activities, projects and programmes that contribute to the realisation of the long-term NPOS goals
  • Co-directing the NPOS programmes and projects in close consultation with the leaders of the NPOS programme lines and monitoring the coherence of the portfolio of NPOS activities with other national initiatives, such as Recognition and Appreciation.
  • Completing umbrella activities at strategic-tactical level for the established multi-year plan and/or other new initiatives in the field of Open Science and translating programme goals into concrete activities and indicators, such as writing documents, preparing content for meetings and coordination with stakeholders.
  • Review of content and coherence of the documents for the NPOS meetings; preparation of important topics for meetings of the steering committee and advisory board in close cooperation with the secretary NPOS and the chairs of the steering committee and advisory board.
  • Is a member of the agenda committee that prepares the agenda for steering committee and advisory board meetings respectively.

Profile and job requirements

The central portfolio manager:

  • Has broad knowledge of and experience with research and research policy and has experience with Open Science and components thereof such as Open Access, FAIR Data and Citizen Science.
  • Has broad and relevant knowledge of and experience with portfolio management in complex projects/programmes and preferably demonstrable work experience in a similar position.
  • Has a good overview of important administrative, strategic and substantive developments in the field of Open Science in the Netherlands and Europe and of all relevant actors or can acquire this quickly.
  • Is familiar with the structure of the Dutch research system and has the ability to cooperate across scientific and administrative domains and to seek the connection with society and research communities.
  • Is able to operate well in a complex political/administrative environment and can cope excellently with influencing by/of very different stakeholders.
  • Is able to translate strategic programme goals into concrete activities and indicators.
  • Has experience with initiating and coordinating activities in a complex playing field with very diverse stakeholders.
  • Has good communication skills and is a communicative person.
  • Has a pragmatic attitude with an eye for the role of all institutions involved in Open Science. Is able to combine strategic insight with power of implementation and persuasion in a complex environment.
  • Has a good pen.
  • Is open and transparent and acts accordingly.


The vacancy concerns an appointment of 0.8 to 1.0 FTE. The appointment is for a period of one year, with the prospect of a permanent appointment in the event of good performance and continuation of the subsidy for the programme. Terms of employment are in line with the market (salary indication: €5.500 - 7.100 per month for a full-time appointment; grading depends on education and work experience).

Location/workplace to be agreed.

Applications can be sent to sollicitatie@surf.nl.
Information may be obtained from Prof. C. Gielen, Chairman NPOS via 06-57342697.

Inlichtingen kunnen ingewonnen worden bij prof. C. Gielen, voorzitter NPOS via 06-57342697.