AAI technical adviser

Do you want to work in the field of authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI) and help connect domestic and international scientific communities? Do you want to help make SURFsara's high performance computing and data services accessible?

Do you want to help make science and research future-proof using ICT? If so, SURFsara has the perfect job for you.


hbo/wo Amsterdam 32-40 hrs


What does the position entail?

We are looking for a talented AAI technical adviser for the Data Preservation Services department who has experience and contacts and who will strengthen our growing team. This is your chance to specialise in the development and realisation of federated authentication and authorisation infrastructure for a wide range of scientific communities. You will also collaborate with colleagues to develop software, portals and (web) portals to enable various communities to access the services on our high performance computing and data infrastructure. 

  • Our enthusiasm for our customers (scientists, students and scientific institutions) and their research is what drives us.
  • We love to work with and for others. We believe that our organisation can only grow if IT professionals work in close-knit teams that are strongly allied with our research communities.
  • We see AAI as an interesting challenge and are excited to work in this field alongside the scientific community.

What will you do exactly?

  • You will help develop and implement facilities that enable access to the digital federated and distributed infrastructure services in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • You will be responsible for the design and development of infrastructures and portals to support the management of identities in scientific infrastructure.
  • You will coordinate and maintain software and software development projects for SURFsara within the context of our projects.
  • You will participate in national and international AAI (development) projects on behalf of SURFsara.
  • You will take stock of the communities' existing AAI technologies and their need for new AAI infrastructures.
  • You will convert needs into functional requirements and solutions.
  • You will help design federated AAI infrastructures.
  • You are responsible for the implementation and use of homogenous and hybrid AAI infrastructures to enable communities to access SURFsara's services.
  • You will manage communication between the various teams at SURFsara and with external parties both domestically and internationally.
  • You will conduct research into optimal performance and scalability and serve as an adviser and troubleshooter on this subject.

What we want

The ideal candidate will possess the following:  

  • An academic/vocational level of thinking and working
  • Knowledge and extensive experience with federated AAI
  • Knowledge of Linux and shell scripting
  • Knowledge of and experience with modern authentication protocols and technologies
  • Knowledge of and experience with distributed infrastructure environments
  • Knowledge of and experience with identity management systems in complex environments, such as X.509, OpenID Connect, OAuth(2) and LDAP
  • Knowledge of and experience with web servers, in particular Apache and web protocols such as XML, SOAP, JSON and REST
  • The ability to convert needs into functional requirements and convert functional requirements into technical requirements and implementation
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to handle deadlines and multitask.

You will have an edge if

  • You have experience with identity management systems and/or one or more of the above-mentioned authentication protocols
  • You can present your work effectively at conferences and on technical blogs; previously published work is a plus (books or papers)
  • You have a demonstrably wide network
  • You have knowledge of and experience in the academic world (specifically scientific research), a clear affinity with high performance computing and knowledge of research data management.
  • You have experience working in a project/software environment, editorial skills, and experience with creating business models and business cases.

What we offer

  • The opportunity to work with passionate professionals in innovative teams
  • The opportunity to participate in national and international conferences
  • An initial one-year contract.
  • This is a full-time position. The working week is 38 hours.
  • The salary is based on the university CLA (VSNU) pay scale, levels 10/12, and is dependent on your level of education and experience: from €2,552 to a maximum of €5,330 gross per month for a full-time position (38 hours)
  • 8% holiday pay, fixed year-end bonus of 8.3%, 29 holiday days per year (for a full-time position). If you work two hours extra per week (40-hour working week), you will be entitled to 12 extra holidays.
  • Reimbursement for commutes of up to 45 kilometres (one-way)
  • ABP pension (pension fund for the public sector and education).


Please send your cover letter and CV to sollicitaties[at]surfsara.nl, for the attention of Sedat Capkin.

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