Vacancy Junior adviser security

Would you like to work in the field of authentication and authorization infrastructure (AAI) and play a role in bringing together national and international science communities? Would you like to contribute to the accessibility of our high performance computing services and data services? Do you want to make scientific research future-proof with ICT?

Educational level: vocational/academic
Location: Amsterdam
Hours: 32 - 40

What does this position entail?

We are looking for a talented graduate or junior who has a clear focus on security. This is your chance to specialize yourself in the development and realization of federative authentication and authorization infrastructure for the purpose of science communities of different nature. Besides that, together with your colleagues you will contribute to the development of software and (web) portals to connect our services to our high performance computing and data infrastructure for different communities.

  • Our drive comes from our passion for our customers (scientists, students and scientific institutions) and their research.
  • We love working for and with people. We believe that growth of our organization is only possible when IT professionals work closely together in teams that are closely linked to our research communities.
  • We view AAI and security as challenges and we enjoy taking them up, together with the scientific community.
  • You must be able to submit a certificate of good conduct (verklaring omtrent gedrag/vog) during your first month of employment.

What will you do?

  • You will contribute to the development and implementation of facilities for the accessibility of our digital services in federative and distributed infrastructure, in both national and international settings.
  • You are responsible for designing and building infrastructures and portals to help manage the identities in a scientific infrastructure.
  • You will develop/write code to enable the integrations between the different infrastructures.
  • You are responsible for the use of both homogeneous and hybrid AAI infrastructures to make SURFsara’s services accessible to our communities.
  • You will research optimal performance and scalability and devote yourself to this as an adviser and trouble shooter.
  • You will take measure of the existing AAI technologies within the communities and indicate the need for new AAI infrastructures.
  • You will translate needs into functional requirements and solutions.
  • You will contribute to the design of the federative AAI infrastructures.
  • You will coordinate and maintain software and software developments for SURFsara, also in context of our projects.
  • You are responsible for effective communication, both between the different teams within SURFsara as well as external, on a national and international level.
  • You will participate, as an ambassador of SURFsara, in national and international (development) projects for AAI.

What we ask

  • We are looking for a motivated and entrepreneurial graduate or junior with 0-2 years’ work experience.
  • You have a hbo or academic diploma in the field of ICT or security.
  • You have gained some experience during your education or internship, in the field of for example identity & access management, security information or hacking.
  • You have knowledge of Linux and shell scripting.
  • You are familiar with modern authentication protocols and technologies.
  • You have knowledge of and experience with distributed infrastructure environments.
  • You have knowledge of identity management systems in complex environments like X.509, OpenID Connect, OAuth (2.0) or LDAP.
  • You have knowledge of and experience with webservers, in especially Apache and web-protocols like XML, SOAP, JSON, REST.
  • Experience with Python is preferred.
  • You are able to translate needs to functional requirements and translate those requirements into technical requirements and implementation.
  • Excellent communication skills.

What we offer

  • Working and collaborating with passionate professionals in innovative teams
  • The possibility to participate in national and international meetings and events.
  • You will be appointed a full-time position, our contracts are based on 38-hours.
  • Salary ranking in VSNU-scale (University Regulations) level 8/9 based on your knowledge and experience (2.514 euro – 3.796 euro, excluding 8% holiday allowance), based on a fulltime workweek.
  • Fixed year-end bonus of 8,3%, 29 vacation days per year (based on a 38 hour work week)
  • When working a 40-hour work week, due to 2 extra hours of work per week, the number of vacation days is extended by 12.
  • A compensation for travel expenses that covers commuting up to 45 kilometers one way.
  • Participation in the ABP pension fund, where approximately two thirds of the premium is paid by the employer.


Please send your resume and cover letter to:

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