Working at SURFnet

SURFnet enables students, lecturers, researchers and staff to work and collaborate easily and without boundaries by providing access to the best-possible IT facilities. To this end, we provide a super-fast and reliable network with innovative, high-quality IT services.

The best network for education and research

At SURFnet, innovation knows no bounds. Although we supply extremely innovative IT services, we make sure to never rest on our laurels. Our 100-strong team is constantly working on the further development of our services and brainstorming new ways to improve the network: how can we make it even faster, more reliable and more stable? Of course, we do this because we enjoy being at the cutting edge of current technology, but more importantly, because we want to ensure that our users in the world of Dutch research and education have access to only the best IT resources.


SURFnet employees having a conversation at a desk

Getting started at SURFnet

The main principles underlying working at SURFnet are:

  • Working in an ambitious but informal environment

You are 100% committed to the innovative services of SURFnet. At SURFnet, we don’t care if you come to work in trainers or a suit and tie!

  • Gaining and sharing knowledge

At SURFnet, you will be given every opportunity to acquire new knowledge, for example in the form of training programmes. And you will also share this knowledge, for example by giving presentations at a conference, allowing you in turn to share what you have learned with colleagues and other experts in your field.

  • Opportunities for upcoming talent

The SURFnet Young Talent programme offers talented young graduates of higher-professional education (HBO) or university (WO) degree programmes the opportunity to gain work experience over the course of a two-year period, with a view to a permanent job at SURFnet.

Learn more?

Please contact Anita Sudré (see contact details at the top of this page).

Focus rooms at SURFnet

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