Acceleration plan for educational innovation with ICT

The Netherlands Association of Universities, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and SURF jointly present a four-year acceleration plan for educational innovation with ICT.

Teamfoto aanvoerders Versnellingsplan

Heading towards acceleration together

The Acceleration Plan for Educational Innovation with ICT is divided into 8 acceleration zones in which 40 research universities and universities of applied sciences collaborate. From the representatives of the participating institutions, a leader has been selected to head the acceleration team.

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The team of the 'Heading towards acceleration together‘ zone consists of sixteen administrators from universities of applied sciences and universities. Jet de Ranitz (Inholland University of Applied Sciences) and Theo Bastiaens (Open University of the Netherlands) are the energisers of this zone. Christien Bok (SURF) is the liasion. This team conducts an administrative discussion about digitisation in higher education, with special focus on the themes of the Acceleration Plan. The first meeting of this team is scheduled for 13 June 2019.

Accelerating together

The initiatives in the Acceleration Plan contribute to the transition of higher education in the Netherlands to a higher education that grasps the opportunities offered by digitalisation. This transition demands a dialogue that includes board members, the Ministry of OCW, NVAO, NWO, KNAW, NRO and other stakeholders in higher education. That is what the 'Heading towards acceleration together' zone in the Acceleration Plan is intended for. The team consists of 16 board members of research universities and universities of applied sciences. Jet de Ranitz (Inholland University of Applied Sciences) and Theo Bastiaens (Open University of the Netherlands) are the leaders of this zone.

The programme team facilitates meetings on developments related to the topics in the Acceleration Plan, in order to organise the executive capacity necessary to realise the transition. Strategies are being developed to better take advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT in education and to position ourselves internationally. The tuning of the Acceleration Plan with board members also takes place via this zone.

Team Heading towards acceleration together

Meet the acceleration team: 

Avans University of Applied Sciences Paul Rüpp
Driestar College Rens Rottier
Inholland University of Applied Sciences Jet de Ranitz 
HU University of Applied Sciences Tineke Zweed
Christelijke Hogeschool Ede Pieter Oudenaarden
The Hague University of Applied Sciences Hans Camps
HZ University of Applied Sciences John Dane
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Zakia Guernina
Saxion University of Applied Sciences Ineke van Oldeniel
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences Inge Grimm
Breda University of Applied Sciences Elisabeth Minnemann (leader)
Leiden University Hester Bijl
Open University Theo Bastiaens (leader)
Radboud University Daniël Wigboldus
Delft University of Technology Rob Mudde
University of Amsterdam Jan Lintsen
SURF Christien Bok (connector)
HAN University of Applied Sciences Yvonne de Haan