Update on SPSS and Data Science for the members of SURF

Date: 24 JAN 2019 

Are you a researcher or a teacher and do you work with SPSS Statistics? Or do you work in big data, data mining or data science with SPSS Modeler? Visit the update on SPSS and Data Science for SURF members. You will hear about new developments concerning SPSS Statistics and Modeler.

24 Jan 2019
SURF office, Utrecht
Prior knowledge needed?
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This update is a sequel to the session of May 29, 2018.

Developments SPSS Statistics, Modeler and data science

During this event, IBM will introduce an updated overview of SPSS Statistics, SPSS Modeler and Watson Studio (formerly known as Data Science Experience, DSX). The following topics are covered:

  • the state of product development
  • tips & tricks for Statistics and Modeler
  • the development of integrating open-source-data-science (e.g. with R and Python) and SPSS products 
  • setting up a simple big-data survey using the Visual Modeler interface

In addition time will be reserved for discussions about sharing knowledge and experiences with SPSS and data science in research and education in the Netherlands.

For whom?

This update is relevant for SURF members who work in big data, data mining en data science and with SPSS Modeler (or open-sourcetools like Python and R). For researchers and teachers that work with SPSS Statistics, the event is relevant as well. 


12.30 uur Coffee & tea
13.00 uur Introduction
13.05 uur

SPSS Statistics & Modeler product update, Watson Studio

Update on the IBM SPSS products

  • SPSS Statistics (current version: v25)
  • Outlook on the new SPSS Statistics UI (planned for spring 2019, v26)
  • SPSS Modeler (current version: v18.1.1, v18.2 expected Dec 2018)
  • Watson Studio, cloud/web-based platform for Data Science.
13.50 uur

Demonstration of new functionality of SPSS Statistics and SPSS Modeler,
Tips &Tricks

E.g. Output Management System (OMS), Custom Dialogues and Extensions, Custom Tables, etc..

14.40 uur Break
15.00 uur

Modeler – 'from Zero to Hero' in 30 minutes

  • Demonstrate big data-analysis techniques with SPSS Modeler through visual programming:
    • Data exploration (connect sources and validate data).
    • Data preparation for modeling and analysis.
    • Model creation through the visual UI of SPSS Modeler.
    • Model deployment and analysis of model output.
  • Provide tutorial material and use-cases for self-study and re-use in education.
15:45 uur

Deep-Learning explained

Deep-Learning is a rapidly growing research area within the machine learning and Artificial Intelligence domain. This presentation will provide an overview and examples of this new domain. 

16.15 uur Closure, Q&A
16.30 uur End of workshop

Presentations will be in English

More Information

This update on SPSS and Data Science is exclusively for SURF-members. The event is free of charge.Please visit the website of the event for more information. 

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