Future Campus Webinar Week

What does the campus of the future look like? That is what the Future Campus 2.0 project continues to explore. Do you want to be inspired about what is important in campus development? And do you want to share your ideas and insights about the future campus and thereby shape what this future campus will look like? Then be there!

Futuristic building with lots of greenery and mirrored spheres in the foreground, connected by roads
09 — 13 Sep 2024

The Future Campus webinar week offers several sessions that will inform, inspire and get you thinking about the future campus. You will also have the opportunity to contribute your own ideas and insights on how you envision the future campus. Do you want to discover more about the future campus and/or give input on what the future campus should look like? Then be there!

For whom?

We are organising this series for the following groups:

  • From educational institutions: Lecturers, students, policy-makers and other decision-makers within educational institutions, who are directly involved in or influence the development and implementation of the campus.
  • Campus developers: Suppliers, furnishers and IT companies, who can make essential contributions to the realisation and support of the technological infrastructure of the campus.


What topics will be covered in the webinar week? Below is an overview of the topics that are currently being fleshed out. Other topics will follow.

Topic Explanation Speaker(s)
Presentation 4 developed campus scenarios The first Future Campus project developed 4 future scenarios for the campus in 2040. In this interactive session, we will explore with you these 4 developed scenarios and their implications for the future campus. Barend Last &, Gerrie Staalduinen
Best practices session What opportunities and possibilities do you see for the campus of the future? In this session, Lotte and participants will share outstanding examples from similar initiatives. Lotte van Egmond
Trends and drivers What key trends and drivers are influencing campus development and the future of education? In this session, we will explore these in depth. Barend Last & Iris Huis in 't Veld
How to map the future In this session, you will discover techniques and approaches for future planning in education. Gül Akcaova
The impact of educational innovation on the Campus of the Future What needs and expectations of the future campus do you have? In this session, we would like to engage with you. Together, we want to explore what is going to be important in the future campus and what we should include in the Future Campus 2.0 project. Lennart Janse and Femke Kamp
Virtual reality and augmented reality in education Explore the potential of these technologies for improving the learning environment in education. Gül Akcaova
Student well-being Find out what strategies exist to support student wellbeing on campus. Jolien Dopmeijer
Role of libraries and research centres What role will libraries and research centres play in the future in an increasingly digital world? Meike Kerkhofs (UM)
Smart Campus The smart campus is a campus that learns for itself how best to support its "inhabitants" from researching and teaching in the Netherlands. SURF is conducting research into this, whereby a desired situation for education and research is automatically created in buildings based on data from sensors. Find out how this works in this session. Thomas Esman
What is campus development and does it work in practice? How do you develop a Campus, what is involved? In this session, you will learn how education changes buildings and vice versa. Femke Kamp
The journey to the new InHolland Campus Case study on the developments around the InHolland campus Merel de Boer

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