Hackathon Securing Holland with Open Intel (SHOP) - CANCELLED

Together with the Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR), SURF is organising a hackathon to gather new knowledge and insights into the international threat landscape. The results will be handed over to the NCSC, winner of the 2022 SURF Security & Privacy Award. Register as a single player or as a team.

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02 Feb 2023
9 a.m. - 8.30 p.m.
Center for Security and Digitalization (CVD), Apeldoorn

This event has unfortunately been cancelled.

Investigate security and resilience of critical infrastructures

During the hackathon, you will research the security and resilience of critical infrastructures and creatively visualize them. To this end, the University of Twente will make scientific data available from OpenINTEL - the largest DNS measurement in the world.

Combining datasets for greater insight

You can combine the data from OpenINTEL with data from other sources to gain more insights into vulnerabilities. During the hackathon, a number of other (closed) datasets will also be offered. In addition, you can involve other, public data sources during the hackathon. Data coaches from the University of Twente will be present on the day: researchers with a lot of experience in analysing and processing large data sets.

For whom?

Cybersecurity specialists, researchers, scientists and students are welcome. Some knowledge/experience in Python, Jupyter notebooks and (relational) data structures is desirable. Experience with SQL, Apache Spark and plot libraries such as Matplotlib is a plus.


9.00 Walk-in
9.30 Welcome and opening
9.45 Intro OpenIntel & tools
10.45 Teams in separate rooms to come up with ideas
11.15 Sparring about ideas with data coaches
11.45 Start hacakathon: execution ideas
12.30 Lunch
13.00 Continuing hackathon
18.00 Pizza is ready
18.30 Preparing presentation/demo
19.00 Final presentation to the jury
20.00 Closing, award ceremony end handing over datasets to NCSC
20.30 End of the hackathon

Participant statement

During the hackathon you will have access to sensitive data. We therefore ask you to sign a participant statement upon entry confirming that you will not download and/or copy and/or share this data with third parties.

Register as a team

  • If you form a team with colleagues or fellow students, first appoint a team captain and come up with a team name. A team consists of a maximum of 5 participants, including the team captain.
  • All team members register individually and mention the team name in the comments field. The team captain additionally states that he or she is the team captain, for example: team Twentse H@ckers (team captain)
  • The other members register with just team Twentse H@ckers in the comments field. Please note that all team members also enter exactly the same team name.
  • Registration is possible until 30 January

Individual entries

Don't have a team but still want to participate? Then register no later than 30 January and mention single player in the comments field. The organisation will then assign you to a team.


The Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR) will take care of the registration for this hackathon. You can register until 30 January.


The hackathon will take place at the Center for Security and Digitalization (CVD) in Apeldoorn.

NCSC winner Security and Privacy Award 2022

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) won the SURF Security and Privacy Award 2022. The NCSC received the award for the way it organized the provision of information around the serious Log4j vulnerability, which came to light in late 2021.

Award: this hackathon plus all the knowledge and insights gained

The award consists of this security hackathon organized by the University of Twente and SURF for the NCSC, plus all the new knowledge and insights about the international threat landscape gained from it.

Read the entire news release: SURF Security and Privacy Award 2022 for National Cyber Security Center.