Hybrid meeting | Microsoft hybrid teaching and active learning | part MIIP

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SURF & Microsoft MIIP
08 Sep 2023
Online and physical (Hoogoorddreef 5, Atlas Arena, 1101 BA Amsterdam)

Hybrid meeting Friday 8 September | Hybrid teaching and active learning

  • Date and time: Friday 8 September, 13:00-14:45 (both online and in person)
  • Target group: AV consultants/architects, project managers, ict coordinators, product owners
  • Speakers: Oscar van der Linden (Sales Manager Benelux, Epson), Yoshi Koike (Business Manager, Epson), Melanie Vaandering (lecturer in business administration, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences), Angel Krijgsman (Product Owner M365, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences) and Zehra Abbas (Teams Technology Specialist, Microsoft).
  • What will be discussed? Experts from Microsoft, Epson, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences will update you on the combination of hybrid teaching and active learning on 8 September. During this meeting, you will hear all about the flexibility of hybrid teaching and the possible clash with the discipline/authority of the teacher. Active learning has several principles that are common threads when facilitating teaching. The various experts discuss these principles and show how they can be incorporated into a new way of teaching. This includes looking at the ideal layout of classrooms and effective elements of (a)synchronous learning to set up an active learning environment. The session will conclude with a panel discussion in which Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences will share their experiences.
  • Why is this session valuable? Active learning is an approach that engages students in learning. This goes beyond listening, reading and memorisation. It includes any type of instructional activity that encourages students to actively participate in the learning process. With students' demand for more flexibility in teaching, you cannot avoid technology. Of course, it is also recognised that this can be an exciting experience for teachers. Windesheim University of Applied Sciences - as a forerunner to this adoption - talks about how their institution hears both players, what the best practices are for them to ensure active learning principles and further increase the quality of teaching.
  • This session is in English.
  • The recording of the webinar will be shared afterwards on My SURFmarket (behind login).


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