Institutional Research Data Management Services Workshop

What tools and services for research data management does your institution offer, and what is needed to improve the provision for researchers? How can SURF and GÉANT support this? Come and join the discussion at this workshop.

Annual Overview 2019 - Research & ict
16 Jan 2023
10.00 - 15.00 hours
SURF Utrecht

This workshop is a follow-up to the survey run in October 2022, which investigated what research support and tools are in place at institutions and potential needs to improve provision. The hope is to better support institutions to acquire and deliver an integrated set of research data services via procurement.

This workshop will focus on key areas of provision including CRIS systems and data repositories. Examples will be given from the community to seed discussion and explore what is currently working well and how more collective action at a national level could help.

Overarching themes and discussion points for the workshop are:

  • How can research data service provision be improved?
  • Interoperability and integrations to improve workflows between systems
  • The role of procurement frameworks and collective purchasing
  • Public values for research and education – decreasing dependency on big tech
  • Open Source and community-driven solutions

For whom?

The workshop is intended for research data support staff from IT, library and research office who have responsibility for different services. It will provide an opportunity to discuss your needs and explore ways in which these could be better supported.