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Masterclass Review Framework Information Security 23 May - VOL

In this master class, you will learn about the 2021 Assessment Framework (SURFaudit NBA model) so that you can properly carry out an assessment, for example in the context of the benchmark. With inspiring in-depth sessions and keynotes, you will be well prepared when you start working with the assessment framework.

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23 May 2023


In higher education and mbo, the NBA Information Security Maturity Model is used as the basis for the assessment framework for the information security benchmark.

Getting started with the new Information Security Assessment Framework

The Information Security Assessment Framework master class will help you make the transition to this new assessment framework, and is also interesting for FGs, privacy officers and auditors. Under the guidance of experts Ludo Cuijpers and Hub Gerats, you will work with the statements from the NBA assessment framework.

In the morning, Ludo Cuijpers will discuss governance, risk management, training, authorisation and supplier management.

In the afternoon, the technical statements will be discussed, such as incident management, change management, security management and business continuity. Participants can then choose between a "deep" technical session (Hub Gerats) or a more global technical session (Ludo Cuijpers). The latter is intended for participants with a non-technical background (FGs, privacy officers, auditors, etc.).



Governance, risk management, training, authorisation and supplier management (Ludo Cuijpers)

12.00 Lunch
13.00 Parallel session

Session on incident management, change management, security management and business continuity:

  • technical session (Hub Gerats)
  • global technical session for people with a non-technical background(Ludo Cuijpers)
16.00 Closing

Registration and cancellation

Register for this master class no later than 16 May.
Registration is not without obligation; please read the cancellation conditions for SURF meetings.

Number of participants

The maximum number of participants is 8; if fewer than 6 participants, the master class will not take place.


The cost is 250 euro per participant (excluding VAT). The SURF registration system only accepts direct payment (iDeal or credit card). After completing your registration, you will receive an e-mail as confirmation with the invoice attached.

Should this date not be convenient?

This Masterclass will also be given as a one-day online Masterclass on 20 September and as a two-day Masterclass in Utrecht on 30 and 31 May.

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