Meeting Transparency of algorithms within education

More and more data is being collected and algorithms applied in education. In order to provide transparency about these algorithms, an algorithm register could be a solution. Would you like to think along about transparency of algorithms within education? Then sign up for this meeting.

Open ruimte in bibliotheek met studenten
20 Apr 2023
10.00 - 12.00

Still many issues

An algorithm registry could be a solution to regulate transparency of algorithms, but this is not easy to set up, establish and maintain. After all, what exactly should it contain? What do we actually mean by algorithms? What about the administrative burden on institutions? What are risks and what about algorithms from suppliers? And also the question: are there other ways to regulate transparency of algorithms? And if so, is a registry the most appropriate?


We are conducting an inventory to gain insight into:

  • what an algorithm register could mean in education
  • what it could look like
  • whether an algorithm register in education is desirable
  • whether an algorithm register in education is feasible

The inventory consists of 2 parts:

  1. An exploration of what an algorithm register could mean for education and what concerns there are. This part was drawn up mainly on the basis of documents and online sources and participation in the government's National Algorithm Register Working Group (on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations). We will present the findings on 20 April.
  2. An exploration within education. Based on the first part, we will explore together to what extent an algorithm register for education is desirable and feasible. And whether we can and want to take follow-up steps. To this end, this meeting is a first step. We cordially invite you to think along!

For whom?

Those involved within SURF member institutions who are interested in and/or concerned with (policy around) privacy and ethics, such as: policymakers, privacy officers, FGs and all staff at institutions responsible for the deployment of algorithms.