Microsoft webinars 8 May | part MIIP

Do you want to be up to date with the latest developments within the Microsoft Inspiration and Innovation Programme in just one day?

SURF & Microsoft MIIP
08 May 2023

Several experts from Microsoft will take you through the topics of EU Data Boundary update/Confidential Computing, Data governance M365 A5 and an internal business case for moving to M365 A5 in three different webinars on 8 May.

Webinar | Internal business case for moving to M365 A5

  • Date and time: 8 May | 10.00-11.00 hours
  • Speakers: Patrick Deusing, Modern Workplace Specialist (Microsoft Netherlands) and Ronald Schouten, Cybersecurity Advisor Government & Education (Microsoft Netherlands)
  • Target group: IT specialists, workplace administrators, product owners
  • What will be discussed? Patrick and Ronald will tell you more about the possibilities and experiences around making an M365 A5 business case. The aim is to create internal support for the deployment and purchase of additional workplace and (data) security functionality under the SURF contract.

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Webinar | Security & privacy - data governance M365 A5

Labelling, classification, DLP, insider risk & data/AI purview

  • Date and time: 8 May | 11.30-12.30 hours
  • Speakers: Ellen van Meurs (information security specialist - Microsoft Netherlands) and Maarten Eekels (CTO, MVP & regional director at Microsoft partner Rapid Circle)
  • Target group: IT specialists, privacy officers, security specialists
  • What will be discussed? Understanding and getting to grips with business or personally sensitive data is an important foundation for your information security. The result is better use of security resources, budget and mitigation of risks. Only where to start? And what is involved? And more importantly, what steps can you take to secure your data? During this session, Ellen and Maarten will take you through the steps that will help you (further) set up your data security.

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Webinar | EU data boundary update / confidential computing

Data sovereignty

  • Date and time: 8 May | 13.30-14.30 hours
  • Speakers: Linda Durand, national security officer (Microsoft Netherlands) and Rob Elsinga, national technology officer (Microsoft Netherlands)
  • Target audience: IT specialists, privacy officers, security officers, CIO/IT managers
  • What will be discussed? Linda and Rob will update you on the gradual roll-out of the EU Data Boundary that Microsoft started on 1 January 2023. With this, Microsoft is extending existing commitments on data localisation within EU borders to even more data storage and processing within the European Union. Data flows outside the EU will thus be significantly reduced. They will also show you how the renewed documentation on these data flows has been made transparently transparent.

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