MIIP Webinar: from Sensitivity Labels to Data Security

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SURF & Microsoft MIIP
18 Jul 2024
10.00 to 11.00

Content webinar

What policies are needed and what does it mean for users when you move from storing data on traditional file shares to storing data securely in Office 365? IT Product Manager Erik Geraads from Leiden University is an expert by experience and answers these questions.

You will learn which and how many data labels they used to classify data. What determined the choice between A3 or A5 licences. And which tools, such as Microsoft Purview, can help. You will also hear about the importance of getting the privacy and security of institutional data right before offering AI tools.

  • Target group: technical administrators, architects, IT infrastructure managers
  • Speakers: Erik Geraads (IT Product Manager, Leiden University)
  • Language: Dutch


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