National XR Day

What does eXtended Reality (XR) deliver for education and research? More than 200 visitors found out for themselves during the National XR Day organised by TU Delft Library and SURF. Read more about the day in the highligts or watch the presentations.

Nationaal XR event 2024

Programme 5 July

The purpose of the National XR Day is to share knowledge, showcase applications and inspire each other about the use of XR in education and research.

The program consists of several tracks with presentations and workshops. There will also be a demo fair throughout the day, where you can try out different applications and examples of XR use.

The format of the day:

The programme*:


Walk in & registration


Opening (plenary)


Keynote #1 (plenary)


First round of presentations/workshops




Second round of presentations/workshops




Third round of presentations/workshops




Keynote #2 (plenary)


Closing (plenary)



For more details about the program check the detailed schedule.


  • 3D Digital Humans: The role of AI-driven algorithms in social interaction - Dr. Zerrin Yumak (Assist. Prof. Utrecht University)
  • AI Metahuman & Conversations - Huu Dat Nguyen (TU Delft)
  • AR for surgical navigation - Abdullah Thabit (Erasmus MC)
  • Cognitive load - Chris Benning (TU Delft)
  • DUTCH - XR in healthcare education - Jeffrey Lemmers (DUTCH / Erasmus MC)
  • Exploiting Immersive VR to promote the recovery of brain-injured patients - Laura Marchal-Crespo (CoR/3mE/TU delft)
  • Exploring Burglary in Virtual Reality: A Mixed-Methods Approach using Retrospective Think Aloud - Dr. Carmen-Silva Sergiou (Leiden University)
  • eXtended Realities for Agriculture - Will Hurst (Wageningen University & Research)
  • Extended Reality and privacy - how to overcome the risks and challenges - Andres Steijaert (SURF)
  • HANDzone project - Serdar Asut (TU Delft)
  • Impossible experiments through VR as part of Gamification in courses - Dr. Bijoy Bera (TU Delft)
  • Logistic Chain Immersive Learning Experience - Adrian Butnaru (STC Group)
  • Met YourSkills virtual reality agressie bij kinderen verminderen: succesvol, veilig en leuk! - Sophie Alsem (University of Amsterdam)
  • Multiple aspects of research in Social eXtended Reality: foundational infrastructure, AR/VR apps, human factors - Piotr Zuraniewski (TNO)
  • Networked XR for Education and Research - Ian Biscoe (DAE)
  • New wireless technologies and XR - Tim Kok (SURF)
  • Preparation with (and for!) XR training - Tim Tijs (Saxion University of Applied Sciences)
  • Social XR: Volumetric Video for Remote Communication and Collaboration - Silvia Rossi (CWI and TU Delft)
  • Towards personalized Immersive VR post-stroke neurorehabilitation: A human-centered design approach - Salvatore Luca Cucinella (Delft University of Technology)
  • Virtual Past Places, reinventing the classroom - Jolanda Broex (UVA-Teaching and Learning Centre)
  • Virtual Reality development and the Social Science Methodology - Lucia Rabago (University of Twente)
  • VR als toepassing voor het leren van leraren - Kelly Beekman (Fontys)
  • Walking in a Research Wonderland - Peter van der Putten (LIACS, Leiden University)
  • XR education lab Zuyd and VR in Midwifery skills education - Angel Schols (Zuyd University of applied science)
  • XR in education and training - Daan Rutjens (PIT van ROC Tilburg)
  • Zelf ontwikkelen van XR voor het onderwijs - Frans van Hoek (Radboudumc Health Academy)
  • CoronaryVR; a mixed reality tool for preoperative planning in cardiac surgery - Sulayman el Mathari (AmsterdamUMC)
  • Earth globes in mixed reality for data visualization - Dr. Paulo Raposo (VISUSE Lab, ITC, University of Twente)
  • Experiencing Augmented Reality in Staged Entertainment - Wilco Boode (Breda University of Applied Sciences)
  • Npuls: de volgende fase van samenwerking op XR - Esther van der Linde (SURF)
  • The Surgeon’s Experience with Head-Mounted Augmented Reality in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery - Alexander Wakker (Erasmus MC)
  • XR Lab: Metaverse in the Classroom - Hande Sungur (University of Amsterdam)
  • Shifting power relations and eroding public values in the world of immersive technologies - Stefan Roolvink (Rathenau Instituut)


  • 360Composer: an online composition platform for interactive experiences using 360-degree video - Rob Belleman (University of Amsterdam)
  • 3D Scanning Workshop - Luuk Goossen (TU Delft)
  • An introduction to Blender - Casper van Leeuwen (SURF)
  • Behind the screens: essential requirements for upscaling of XR in education - Maurice Magnee (HAN University of Applied Sciences)
  • Exploring Responsible XR - John Walker (SURF)
  • How to: 3D Modeling - Luuk Goossen (TU Delft)
  • How to: VR with Unreal Engine - Luuk Goossen (TU Delft)
  • Use of 360 degree video in Bachelor Health Sciences program: Reality transfer into class - Nynke de Jong (Maastricht University)
  • Virtual Production 4 Education - Luuk Goossen (TU Delft)
  • XR Developer Network - Try a Device!  - Paul Melis (SURF)
  • XR Education at Scale: A tool for Teachers - Luuk Goossen (TU Delft)
  • XR you ready? - Teus Timmer (Veiligheidsacademie NWV)


  • Astral Body: A VR game for body ownership investigation - Dr. ir. Rafael Bidarra (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, TU Delft)
  • Between Art, Data, and Meaning - Franke, Isabel Florence (VU Amsterdam)
  • CoHeSIVE application (Co-designing Healthy Spaces with IVE) - Suzan Evers (Technical University of Eindhoven)
  • Compressed VR - Large Environments in Small Physical Spaces - Kasper de Vries (Leiden University - LIACS)
  • Effects of different levels of virtual environment richness on cognitive load - Daan Poutsma (TU Delft)
  • Examples of the use of AR in surgical navigation - Abdullah Thabit (Erasmus MC)
  • FutureU: Getting to know your future self - Aniek Siezenga (Max Planck Institute for the study of Crime, Security and Law)
  • Holonomy - Rafa Bidarra (TU Delft)
  • Scania Hololens en Microsoft Guides - Stephan van der Burg (Deltion, Scania)
  • SXR Virtual Collaboration Space for Search and Rescue - Maria Boen-Leo (TNO)
  • Testing before Building - Demo  - Hans Hoogenboom (TU Delft)
  • VR Done, a lightweight VR tool for annotating 360 videos - Wo Meijer (TU Delft)
  • XR in classes and final projects - Jan-Willem van ’t Klooster (Universiteit Twente)
  • Communicate the energy transition / co-designing commitment - Clarine van Oel (TU Delft)
  • Extended Reality: Ervaar het zelf!! - Teus Timmer (Veiligheidsacademie NWV)
  • Prototyping with XR, gaming technologies & visual storytelling - Matthijs van Veen (Saxion University of Applied Sciences)
  • SHINE-VR: tackling trauma-related shame - Nina Krupljanin (University of Leiden)


If you have any questions about the XR day send a message to