Quantum Internet Hackathon 2022

On Thursday the 1st and Friday the 2nd of December, the Quantum Internet Hackathon 2022 will take place simultaneously in five European cities: Amsterdam, Dublin, Padua, Sarajevo, Poznań - and online!

PAN European Quantum internet Hackathon
01 — 02 Dec 2022
Amsterdam / Online

Participants can develop applications or add features to existing applications using quantum communication during the hackathon. One of the toolkits that can be used for this purpose is the Quantum Network Explorer, developed by QuTech (a collaboration between TUDelft and TNO).

SURF is a partner in the 'Quantum Internet Alliance' consortium, which recently launched a seven-year program to build an innovative Quantum Internet ecosystem in Europe. In this consortium, SURF is responsible for the work package "Use Cases". One of the activities in this work package is organizing hackathons, in which we will simulate use cases using the 'blueprint simulation model' developed for this purpose.

The hackathon in Amsterdam promises to be a fun event and will take place at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam (former Volkskrant building).