SURF Education Days 2023 for mbo, hbo and wo

Making education future-proof together - that is the focus of the SURF Education Days, the education & ICT event of the year. During the 25th edition, we want to inspire participants to look ahead and outline the educational developments that will become relevant in the coming years. On 14 & 15 November 2023 live in Den Bosch.

SURF Onderwijsdagen Teken de toekomst

Looking back at SURF Education Days 2022

This year, we are taking decisive steps towards world-class education. You could experience how to do that at SURF Onderwijsdagen 2022. Did you miss SURF Onderwijsdagen 2022 or want to watch sessions back? Check out the highlights in the form of videos, podcasts, photos, blogs, and presentations.


Day 1 SURF Education Days

On Day 1, Christien Bok and Raymond Reesink (chair of the day) kicked off the SURF Education Days. Christien talked about the 3 challenges we need to work on in collaboration: How to develop good education and how to organise it, how to deal with new technologies such as XR and AI. How do we shape collaboration with big tech? And she stressed to bring wisdom together and work together in equality.

The work of Mirjam Koster and Marijn Post was awarded a SURF Education Award as proof of their decisiveness. Prof Dr Manu Kapur also shared key findings from learning science. And we gathered ingredients for an ideal Teaching and Learning centre with Marije Markus and Nynke Kruiderink. Watch the impression of day 1 below.

Mirjam Koster

Mirjam Koster wins SURF Education Awards

Keynote Manu Kapur

Keynote Prof Dr Manu Kapur on How do people learn?

Podcast OWD22

A live podcast was recorded on innovation and decisiveness

Parallelsessies OWD22

Much knowledge was exchanged during the parallel sessions

Spellen tijdens de parallelsessies

Playing games during parallel sessions

Marijn Post

HAN's Marijn Post wins SURF Education Award

Teaching en Learning centers

Gathering ingredients for the ideal Teaching and Learning centres with Marije Markus and Nynke Kruiderink

Glossy Versnellingsplan

The Acceleration Plan presented their 4-year anniversary.

Image of speaker on stage during Education Days 2022

There was much to see and do at the Networking Square.

Partners #OWD22

Thank you to all partners who contributed to OWD22.

Day 2 SURF Education Days

On day 2 of the SURF Education Days, keynote Paul Hughes kicked off with a talk on how to turn thinking into action in the innovation process. For this, he used the 'Ten meters of thinking' methodology. Subsequently, there was again plenty of choice from in-depth and interactive sessions and participants could talk to education suppliers and peers.
Finally, SURF Education Awards were presented to Age Wesselius, JaapJan Vroom and Daniël Wigboldus. And Jet de Ranitz, CEO of SURF, explained how we turn vision into action. Start with small steps, don't be afraid to make mistakes and above all do it together. What will you do tomorrow?

Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes talks about how to turn thinking into action in the innovation process.

Age Wesselius

Age Wesselius receives SURF Education Award

debat over Bigtech en publieke waarden

Debate on bigtech and public values

SURF Onderwijsawards 2022 JaapJan Vroom

4th winner of the SURF Education Awards JaapJan Vroom

SURF Onderwijsawards 2022 Daniël Wigboldus

5th winner of the SURF Education Awards Daniël Wigboldus

What else was there to see or hear

SURF Education Awards ceremonies