SURFcert hacking event Capture the Flag 2023

Are you good at solving challenges? Then join SURFcert's Capture the Flag (CTF) event on 17 November 2023! Put together a team of up to 4 players and conquer that flag and the coveted honour. Don't have a team but want to participate? Then sign up as 'single player', SURFcert will classify you.

SURFcert CTF 2023
17 Nov 2023
9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
SURF office, Utrecht

What is a Capture the Flag (CTF)?

A Capture the Flag is a contest where participants try to solve challenges individually or in teams. There are roughly 2 types of CTF matches: 'Jeopardy style' and 'Attack & Defense style'.

This event is a Jeopardy style CTF, where your team has to solve questions in different categories. Think categories like 'Web hacking', 'Forensic', 'Crypto', 'Decoding', 'Binary' and more. For each question, you have to find a flag, e.g. a small piece of text that is clearly recognisable as a flag. You must submit the found flag to the scoreboard. If the flag is correct, your team gets points for it. The number of points per flag depends on the difficulty of the question. The team with the most points at the end of game time wins!

Who is it for?

Capture the Flag is intended for both staff and students of SURF-affiliated institutions and fellow CTFs.

Register for CTF

Register as soon as possible (see also below): there is a limit to the number of teams that can physically join SURF. If you cannot participate for any reason, cancel your (team) registration as soon as possible. That way, teams on the reserve list can still participate. Registration is possible until Sunday 12 November.

Register as a team

  • If you form a team with colleagues or fellow students, first appoint a team captain and come up with a team name. A team consists of a maximum of 4 participants, including the team captain
  • All team members register individually and state the team name in the comments field. The team captain adds that he or she is the team captain, e.g. "Team: Utrechtse H@ckers (team captain)".
  • The other members register with just "Team: Utrechtse H@ckers" in the comments field. Please note that all team members also enter exactly the same team name.

Individual registration

Don't have a team but still want to participate? Then register stating "Single Player" in the comments field. SURFcert will then classify you. Registration is possible until Sunday 12 November.

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