Webinar: Copyright on educational resources in MBO

Hey hello, employee at an mbo institution! Does your mbo institution have insight into the use of educational resources in education? And are there already rules or agreements in place on the use of copyrighted educational resources? During the webinar you will explore this topic together with education professionals from the mbo. 

Auteursrechten copyright
27 Jun 2024
15:00 - 16:00

Understanding the use of digital educational resources

In a digital learning environment, it is easy to use a variety of self-developed and external educational resources for teaching. But where do these educational resources come from? And what about copyright and the costs involved? This is what the CopyrightCheck service provides educational institutions with insight into.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What are copyrighted educational resources?
  • What agreements have been made with publishers about them?
  • What does it cost and what are the risks of copyright infringement?
  • Tool to identify copyright-protected educational resources.
  • CopyrightCheck pilot for mbo

Sjoerd Roorda, product manager CopyrightCheck at SURF and Arnoud van 't Hoff, project leader mbo pilot CopyrightCheck at Npuls, will give an overview of the possibilities of CopyrightCheck and how it is deployed in higher education. We would also like to offer the space for you to share your experiences and insights. We are also curious to know to what extent these topics play a role in secondary vocational education. During the webinar, we would like to ask you some questions about this:

  1. What rules and agreements does your institution have in place regarding the use of copyrighted educational resources?
  2. Does your institution have insight into the use of (supplementary) educational resources?

For whom?

This webinar is intended for everyone in secondary vocational education who is concerned with copyrights on educational resources. Policy officers, LMS managers, learning resource coaches, media centre representatives and those involved in implementing the arrangement with Reprorecht.