Webinar data foundation I from a monolithic to a modular application landscape

The digital transformation of education requires a change in the way we handle data. Do you use all data from multiple applications? In this webinar, Tio University of Applied Sciences and Motion10 show you how you can make use of a central analytical and integration platform.

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19 May 2022
09.00-10.30 uur

Data & AI

At the request of members, we are organising a number of webinars and support sessions together with Microsoft in which we look at the different parts and layers of data and AI. We will start with webinars on the data underlay and go deeper into AI applications during follow-up sessions. This is the second webinar in this series, but the webinars can also be followed separately. In this webinar, we look at how data can be utilised across multiple applications using a central analytics and integration platform.


  • Tio University: Tio University has taken the first steps in the transformation from a monolithic to a modular application landscape. A central analytical and integration platform is an essential part of this, as the basis must be in order. Ewout Kanger (information manager) discusses the translation of the vision and strategy into practice. How do you take the right steps with the use of Microsoft Azure to start working both in the field of data and its integration?
  • Motion10: Lars Bouwens (strategic consultant) has helped Tio University of Applied Sciences in drawing up a plan to achieve current and future organisational goals.

The presentation will be recorded. We share the slides and recording with the participants afterwards. The language of this webinar is Dutch.