Webinar Microsoft Fabric | part MIIP

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SURF & Microsoft MIIP
07 Sep 2023

Webinar Thursday 7 September | Microsoft Fabric (bring your data into the age of AI)

  • Date and time: Thursday 7 September, 9.30-11.00 am
  • Target audience: CTOs, CIOs, Business leaders, BI Product owners, BI Developers, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Business Analysts, ML Developers, Enterprise Architects & IT admins.
  • Speaker: Marc-Marijn Ossel, Intelligence Technology Specialist Microsoft
  • What will be discussed? During this webinar, you'll hear all about the introduction of Microsoft Fabric, the unified platform that can meet all your educational institution's data and analytics needs.
  • Bring your data into the age of AI and dive into the world of Microsoft Fabric, a new end-to-end platform for all data and analytics. Microsoft Fabric offers a combination of data processing, analytical tools and seamless integration to help educational institutions, among others, make reliable, data-driven decisions. Join this informative session and discover how Microsoft Fabric enables you to securely harness the power of data.

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