Webinar model contract Docflow

Want to create better documents in less time? If so, you can now use Docflow, via the model contract that SURF has agreed with Docflow. In this webinar, Docflow experts tell you more about their service and Lisa Markesteijn, lawyer at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, tells about the implementation process at her institution.

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08 Nov 2022

A survey of procurement needs at institutions showed a high demand for Docflow's services. To make this service easily available, we have drawn up a model contract with Docflow. You can find the contract on My SURFmarket (behind login). During this webinar, Docflow experts and a user will tell you more about the product and its possibilities. 

What is Docflow?

Docflow is a document workflow solution that allows users to create better documents in less time. The solution supports the creation process of OER (Education Examination Regulations), improves the (legal) writing process and helps reduce workloads.

In addition, Docflow is also used to minimise error margins, work more efficiently and control the process for documents such as: Non Disclosure Agreements, annual reports, compensation regulations and accreditation reports. 


  • Ellen Kikkert ( purchaser at SURF) briefly talks about the creation of the model contract.
  • Isabel Brouwer (Head of Growth/Partnerships at Docflow) hosts the follow-up part of this webinar.
  • Tim Stuart (founder of Docflow) talks about how he arrived at the development of the software and explains the software in more detail using a real-life case study.
  • Lisa Markesteijn (lawyer at Hogeschool Rotterdam) talks about the implementation process at her institution and Docflow's guidance throughout the process.

Of course, there will also be room for questions.

For whom?

Everyone is of course welcome, but we think this webinar will be of particular interest to lawyers and policy (education quality) officers.