Workshop Good practices for high-performance computing and cloud

This workshop provides you with an introduction to the development of open source software, giving some basics to start your project and work on it using high-performance computing support in the cloud. 

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22 — 23 May 2019
09.00 am to 05.00 pm
SURFsara, Science Park Amsterdam

What are you going to learn?

If you are facing the big challenge of developing your own research software project only with the help of your laptop, then this is the right workshop for you! In particular, you will get an overview of good practices that will help you start your open source software project. You will get some insight on helpful tools for unit testing, package management, continuous integration and containerisation.

You will also learn how to use the high-performance compute systems from SURFsara to enhance your research. In particular you will experience how to become the administrator of your own HPC environment by using the HPC cloud platform. You will know how to use the web application to create and manage virtual machines, with which you can run your tasks using the operating system and graphical interface of your choice.

For whom?

For researchers who would like to improve their computational skills.

By who?

The Netherlands eScience Center and SURF join forces to offer the research community a new series of workshops on essential computer skills, one of which is this workshop.


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For this workshop you should have some familiarity with the command line, and at least a basic level of programming experience (preferably in Python).